School News

KS1 and Early Years lifted the lid on their learning this week. Piers (a stick expert!) came and worked with the children in the forest area and helped them to whittle their own sticks.

Not too many fingers fell off in the process!

On Wednesday 7th January, 2015 the first ever Sir William Romney's Cluster Gymnastic Event was held.  Three schools were invited with a total of eight teams competing.

KS2 children were delighted by an 'early Christmas present' of playground equipment this week!

Incredibly, a hoard of vicious and violent Vikings raided St Mary's Primary School this week.



ChristinglecandleYears 3 and 4 were invited to make Christingles for this Sunday's church service.   


Early years and KS1 children did a fantastic job during their performances of Hey Ewe.

The children were super excited today as Cherry and Lime classes visited the lovely Mrs Colby in The Blue Zucchini.

St Mary's pupils entertain at the Tetbury Christmas Light switch on.

Today a knight, in full armour, came to visit Cherry, Lime and Plum classes.

Two football tournaments in two days!

On Wednesday we entered a six-a-side girls team and six-a-side boys team into a football tournament hosted by Sir William Romney School.  On Thursday we entered another team into a tournament at Cirencester Primary School.  All teams played exceptionally well.

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