Key Dates

24th June |Monday

EYFS/KS1 Sports Day (more information to follow)

24th June |Monday

Yr 4/5 Police Museum 

26th June |Wednesday

KS2 Sports Day (more information to follow)

27th June |Thursday

Year 6 Afternoon Performance @ 1.30pm

28th June |Friday

PTFA Summer School Fayre 3.30pm-6.30pm

1st July |Monday

Marling Transistion Day

2nd & 3rd July |Tuesday & Wednesday

Malmesbury Transition Days

3rd July |Wednesday 

Year 6 Evening Performance 6pm

 8th, 9th & 10th July |Mon, Tues & Wed

Sir William Romney Transistion Days

11th & 12th July |Thursday & Friday

Cirencester Deer Park Transition Days

15th July |Monday

Year 6 Bowood Trip  (coach leaves 9.15am)

15th July |Monday

Year 6 Fun Activities Morning

19th July |Friday

Last day of Term

  • leaf
  • royal
  • dolphin
  • sheep
  • heart
  • balls
  • butterfly