Forest Schools

Forest School aims to provide all children within the school with the opportunity to experience outdoor learning within a familiar location.                                         IMAG0002

It will encourage children to take control of their own learning through small achievable tasks.

Forest Schools is part of our Curriculum and takes place within our very own woodland/pond area towards the rear of the school field and runs on Fridays throughout the school year.


EYFS and Key Stage One classes will take part in Forest School for two six week blocks each academic year. Key Stage Two classes will take part in one six week Forest School block each academic year.

All Forest School sessions are led by aqualified Forest School Leader (Level 3). Forest School sessions are fully risk assessed and follow our policies and procedures.

The types of activities which may be included at Forest School includes:



·Hikes / Woodland Walks

·Treasure Hunts


·Map Making


·Bug Hunting

·Shelter Making ·Den Building

·Mud Painting ·Whittling ·Use of Saws

·Fire Making ·Cooking on Fires ·Tree Climbing

                   Forest school group

Forest School w

We have also invited the local pre-schools and nurserys to share in our Forest School activites. The children enjoyed sharing the story Stanley's Stick before using their own sticks to write in the mud, make crowns and even for cooking. They particularly enjoyed making damper bread and toasting marshmallows over the campfire!

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