Key Stage 1


Key Stage 1 starts in Year 1 and ends in Year 2. The transition from Reception into Year 1 is carefully managed to ensure that children experience consistent approaches in teaching and learning.

Children in Year 1 still have many opportunities for learning through play and many of the opportunities and routines the children are used to from their Reception year are replicated in Year 1.                                    camp1        camp2

Throughout KS1 children follow a thematic curriculum and learning is planned around literature and books. Children use the Oxford Reading Tree reading scheme and follow the Read, Write Inc phonics scheme which makes learning to read and write fun and interactive.

Please find below our latest topic web for this term explaining about our learning and curriculum and our class newsletters.


Term 3 - Monster Mayhem


Pear class

Newsletter T3

Year 1 topic Web

Year 1 Knowledge organiser T3

Plum Class

Newsletter T3

Topic Web T2

Knowledge Organiser T3

Holly Class

Newsletter T3

Year 2 Topic Web

Year 2 Knowledge organiser T3

Juniper Class

Year 2 Topic Web

Year 2 Knowledge Organiser T3


Term 1 & 2 - A Dragon's Dilemma


Cherry & Lime Classes - Year 1 (updated for Term 2)

Cherry Newsletter T1

Cherry Newsletter T2

Cherry Topic WebT1

Cherry Topic Web T2

Cherry Timetable T1

Lime Newsletter T1             

Lime Class Newsletter Y1 T2

Lime Topic Web        

Pear Class - Year 1

Newsletter T1

Newsletter T2

Topic Web T1

Topic Web T2

Pear Timetable

Juniper and Holly Class - Year 2 (updated for Term 2)

Juniper Newsletter     

Juniper Class Newsletter T2              

Juniper and Holly Topic Web T1

Holly & Juniper Topic web T2   

Holly Newsletter  

Holly Class Newsletter T2                    

Holly Timetable   


To find out more about how reading and how you can help your child please read the KS1 Reading Information Booklet.

These are the Common Exception Words that children should be able to read and spell at the end of Year 1 and Year 2.

This maths guide has a few tips and tricks to help you help your child with their Maths at home. We hope you’ll find it useful!













  • leaf
  • royal
  • dolphin
  • sheep
  • heart
  • balls
  • butterfly