Spirituality at St. Mary's

The importance of spiritual development.

We live in a world where social media and the material aspects of life can increasingly become the priority and young people can be consumed with the need to experience fast, short term pleasure. It is therefore important for schools to teach children how to connect with themselves, each other and the world in a human way.

At St. Mary’s, children learn about the Christian understanding that we are all valued and uniquely made by God. We provide opportunities for children to explore our thoughts and feelings about ourselves, our relationships with others and the world in which we live.

We use the image of a water lily to describe our spirituality and what we can do to support spiritual growth.

The idea is that the flower grows on the water. We describe the flower as ‘the me you see’. Children learn that there is much more to people that we don’t see.

The water lily has roots which feed and sustain it – we have thoughts, beliefs and values which sustain us.


The water lily lives in the water which helps the plant to flourish and grow and in our spiritual life, we do things that help us connect with our thoughts, belief and values like reflecting, praying, listening to music, walking, silence.

Children are provided with opportunities to learn about the feelings we have inside that ‘make us us.’ These include ‘Wow’ moments, ‘Ow’ moments and ‘Now’ moments.

Finding the ‘Wow’ moments

The school provides opportunities for children to share and celebrate exciting things – things we are curious about including the beauty of God’s natural world, music, art and silence.

Helping with the ‘Ow’ moments

The school provides time for children to talk to adults when they feel hurt. We recognize the ‘Ow’ moments and encourage children to use forgiveness, love, prayer and reflection to make sense of hurtful events.

Noticing the ‘Now’ moments

We provide opportunities for stillness and reflection at different times in the week. Children are encouraged to practice silence and prayer through the use of prayer spaces.


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  • dolphin
  • sheep
  • heart
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