A new entrance and a new teaching kitchen

Visitors to St Mary's will notice quite a change to the Reception area and the hall this Autumn.

As well as a new school kitchen and a new wireless network we have had a makeover on the school entrance hall this summer. When you come into the school now you will be welcomed into a warm and stylish recpetion area complete with TV screen, glass and curved blue lines!

This is not just for show however, the reason behind the improvements is to make sure that the children stay safe in school during the school day. Visitors will still receive a smiley St Mary's welcome but the office staff will be able to better regulate who is coming in and out of school.

In addition to this, we have had a new teaching kitchen put in at the top of the hall. With the new school kitchen being installed, we lost the serving kitchen so we have put in a new kitchen for school events and functions which will also be used to teach cookery to the children. This all coincides nicely with the Tetbury Food and Drink Festival on 17th - 21st September so we might be having a little focus on food this term! Perhaps we should have a Great St Mary's Bake Off!!



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