Information for Parents - School Reopening

Happy New Year - I hope you had a good festive break and managed to spend some time with your families. 

You will most likely be aware that the National Education Union is calling for the government to close all primary schools at the start of term due to the rising numbers of coronavirus infections. 

The Government has remained firm in its position that primary schools must re-open as planned at the start of term. Our risk assessments are complete, and we will continue to put in place all the protective measures to ensure we keep our school as safe as it can be. 

The government continues to state that the balance of risk is overwhelmingly in favour of children and young people remaining in education. It states that 'for the vast majority of children and young people the benefits of being back in education far outweigh the very low risk from coronavirus.'

Education staff are however naturally anxious about returning to school with the new, more infectious, variant of the virus now spreading across the country. The NEU are advising members to use their statutory rights under health and safety legislation to refuse to attend work. 

I have no intention of closing St. Mary's School to pupils on Tuesday. If, however, I do not have enough staff in school to safely deliver face to face provision, then the school may be required to partially open or close and move to a blended or remote learning approach. I will keep parents informed but please assume the school is open to pupils from 8.40am on Tuesday 5th January.

The Prime Minister has stated this morning that primary schools will stay open for the time being however if Tier 4 measures do not bring the infection rate down then they will look at closing all schools. 

As always, I will keep you updated with the situation as it changes. 

Mrs J Woolley


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