Birthday Celebrations In school

We have seen a wonderful idea from another school and we think it is something really special that we will be introducing as St Mary's.

As a result of the current Covid restrictions many children are missing out on celebrating their birthday with family and friends as they usually would. Parties that would usually be planned are not allowed during this difficult time. We understand our children have already had so many changes and had to adapt to new rules and regulations both at home and school, and their emotional wellbeing is something that is very important to us.

Therefore, we will be giving them the opportunity to celebrate their birthdays in school with their friends! We have decided we will hold a birthday party within each ‘Bubble’ on the last Friday afternoon of each month, this will be to celebrate all children who have had their birthday that month.

During the afternoon (the last Friday of every month) we will provide fun games, activities and a party atmosphere. There will also be a little cake for each birthday child! All of the party costs will be covered by school and birthday children should not bring in any treats to share – we will take care of that!

Children who have celebrated a birthday that month are allowed to wear non uniform for the day if they wish to do so. Everyone else must still wear their normal school uniform.

If your child has already had their birthday during September and October they will be included in the first birthday celebration on November 27th. We look forward to giving every child the opportunity to celebrate with their friends and mark their special day!

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