School Gardening/Work Day

Thank you to all the adults and children of you who gave their time to help at the gardening/work day on Sunday. They achieved a huge amount.

We are very lucky to have such large school grounds and field for the children to enjoy.  However the work involved in maintaining the grounds is considerable and costly.  Last weekend the PTFA, Governors and friends kindly gave up their Sunday to help us.  Fuelled by cake they achieved a lot:

  • an area of the Yr 5/6 playground cleared and two friendship benches rediscovered.
  • a cleared-out pavilion
  • improved visibility/ access into the KS1 area
  • cleaned entrance canopy
  • tidied up area outside Juniper/ Holly
  • a front flower bed pruned and tidied
  • low hanging trees on the paths and entrances pruned.

They filled one skip and had to order a second one - many bags of garden waste are also to be put out on Wednesday evening.

Their effort is very much appreciated - they have made a big difference for everyone at school and they should feel a great sense of achievement.

A BIG thank you to Valley Trading for kindly providing one skip FREE OF CHARGE!

Thank you to: Katie McGrath, Katie & Pete Hill, Louise & Phil Sheppard, Sheena Evans, Clare Banbrook, Trudie Avis, Steph & Peter Defeo, Leanne Punshon, Clair Hodgson, Colin Rae, Helen Glover, Liz & Jonathan Maisey, Lesley Baldwin.

As the day was such a success another gardening/work day has already been proposed Sunday 1st October, 10am-4pm. If you could help us on that day your efforts would be very much appreciated.

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