At St Mary’s Primary School, we understand that digital technology is everywhere and an ever increasing part of everyday life at home, school and in the wider world. As a result of this we follow the national curriculum for computing and provide a computing curriculum which is supported by the use of the Kapow scheme. This allows us to not only teach the computing curriculum but embed skills in other areas of the curriculum too so that digital litracy can progress as the children move up through the school. 

Children encounter a rapidly changing world where computing technology is at the forefront and our curriculum will prepare them for this by ensuring coverage of the three main strands of computer science, information technology and digital literacy.

All children, including disadvantaged and those with special educational needs will learn the function and uses of a wide range of programmes and technology, be able to apply those skills and showcase their creativity in doing so. We have ipads and laptop trolleys available to both key stages as well as other digital resources used across the school that support the children’s learning.

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