Our Teachers & Support Staff


Our Teachers and Teaching Assistants are:

  • Cherry (R/Y1) - Mr Foster - Mrs Bell (PFA)
  • Lime - (R/Y1) - Mrs Pike (nee May)/Mrs Pockett - Mrs Wilmott (PFA)/Mrs Freeman
  • Pear - (Y1) - Mrs Boswell - Mrs Avis
  • Holly - (Y2) - Mrs Miller/Mrs Peacock - Mrs S Smith
  • Juniper - (Y2) - Mrs Stancombe/Mrs Spencer - Mrs Amor
  • Willow (Y3) - Mr Hainsworth - Mrs Sujeewon
  • Beech - (Y3) - Mrs Wilson/Mr Walters - Mrs Ravenhill
  • Chestnut (Y4) - Mrs Danton/Mrs Wheeler - Miss Rush
  • Maple - (Y4) - Mrs Royle - Mrs Healey (PFA)
  • Oak - (Y5/6) - Mrs Cartledge - Mrs Weston
  • Ash - (Y5/6) - Mr Godfrey - Mrs Rudge
  • Elm - (Y5/6) - Miss Snell - Mrs Lee
  • Mrs Delnevo & Mr Knight support individual pupils.

Miss Selwood is our SENDCO and Mrs Silins is our Pastoral & Inclusion Lead. They are supported by Mrs Norris who works with small groups of children.

Our Inclusion and Play Leaders are Mrs Sujeewon and Mrs Freeman.

Forest School is led by Mr Knight (PFA). 

Our Breakfast Club is run by Mrs Wilmott (PFA), Mrs Ravenhill, Mrs Healey (PFA).

After school our children are cared for at Twiglets at Twilight After School Club by Mr Knight (PFA) and Mrs Wilmott (PFA).

In the School Office we have:

  • School Business Manager - Mrs Glover (PFA)
  • School Administrator - Mrs Howe
  • Admin Assistant - Mrs Freeman
  • Finance Assistant  - Mrs Kalinowski

At lunchtime our children are supported by our Midday Supervisors:  Mrs Baker, Mrs Deoanca, Mr Minal (PFA), Mrs Nelmes, Mrs Ponting, Mrs Richardson, Mrs Reilly and Mrs Wakefield.

Mr Minal (PFA) is our Pedestrian Escort who helps the children cross the road at the start and end of the school day.

Our school is cared for by:

  • Caretaker - Mr Roberts
  • Cleaners - Mrs Baker, Mrs Oakley & Mrs Ponting

 (PFA = Paediatric First Aider)

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