Our School Council

St Mary's School Council is the pupils' voice of the school.

The members of the School Council is made up of children from Years 1-6. Mr Walters helps us run the meetings and makes sure that our ideas are listened to by school leaders. The School Council is made up of children who are caring, curious and courageous. Our meetings allow the children to have a greater sense of belonging and ownership in what happens in our school and local community.

Our aim is to represent our peers and bring forward their views to improve the school and its grounds whilst making learning engaging and fun. We listen to ideas from our peers and enjoy planning events to raise money for the school and for charities.

We hold meetings regularly so that the pupils have a chance to put forward ideas and questions and we also get to have a cup of tea and slice of cake!

Please see our School Council Noticeboard in school for all the latest news.




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