“Every child is an artist.” – Pablo Picasso

Art at St Mary’s is taught using the AccessArt Curriculum in order to offer our children a broad, rich, contemporary and diverse experience.  We aim to build knowledge and understanding by developing technical skills and imaginations so that our children feel able to embrace their own creativity with courage and confidence.  Each year, children experience three units of art which encourage a variety of skills from drawing and painting to designing and making.  Our children are exposed to a diverse range of artists to inspire curiosity before developing their own ideas within their personal sketchbooks.  We aim to create a caring environment in which our children feel able to share their creative experiences with their peers, allowing for critique and self-reflection.

Please find an overview of our curriculum here:

St Mary's Art Curriculum

  • leaf
  • royal
  • dolphin
  • sheep
  • heart
  • balls
  • butterfly